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Results 2004

Women's Wrestling Results 2004

*5th Annual Middle Atlantic Folkstyle Championships for Women 02/28/2004
*6th Annual PA Girls H.S. Wrestling Championships Results 02/07/2004

5th Annual Middle Atlantic Folkstyle Championships for Women
February 28, 2004
(48 Athletes from 4 States and the District of Columbia)

Award Winners:

Elementary 55 Lbs.:
Champion: Brianne Penrose (Pottstown, PA)
Runner-Up: Lily Read (Pottstown, PA)
Third Place: Cassidy Ferrell (Sharon Hill, PA)

Elementary 74 Lbs.:
Champion: Jackie Stearns (Middle Grove, NY)
Runner-Up: Hannah Lee Panfile (Norristown, PA)

Elementary 84 Lbs.:
Champion: Taylor Robinson (Bridgeport, PA)
Runner-Up: Halsey Huff (Lodi, NY)

Middle School 80 Lbs.:
Champion: Sarah Anderson (Schuylerville, NY)
Runner-Up: Amy Whitbeck (Duanesburg, NY)
Third Place: Brittany Batz (Annville Cleona, PA)

Middle School 90 Lbs.:
Champion: Grace Flood (Cambridge Springs, PA)
Runner-Up: Stephanie Hewitt (Pottstown, PA)
Third Place: Christina Giusti (West Grove, PA)
Fourth Place: Amandalis Santiago (Lancaster, PA)

Middle School 100 Lbs.:
Champion: Andrea Adorno (Lebanon, PA)
Runner-Up: Noel Wheeler (Hanover, PA)
Third Place: Courtney Cole (North Rose, NY)
Fourth Place: Rachel Donley (West Grove, PA)

Middle School 130 Lbs.:
Champion: Ashley Buffington (Tower City, PA)
Runner-Up: Isabel Friedman (Wynnewood, PA)
Third Place: Shaneekwa Harrington (Norristown, PA)
Fourth Place: Sasha Rescorl (Philadelphia, PA)

Middle School 140 Lbs.:
Champion: Jackie Nettles (Schuykill, PA)
Runner-Up: Nicole Loehr (Annville Cleona, PA)
Third Place: Adara Cohen (Philadelphia, PA)
Fourth Place: Ashleah Tylwalk (Lebanon, PA)

High School 100 Lbs.:
Champion: Diana Acors (Charlton, NY)
Runner-Up: Eliza Hecht (Washington, DC)
Third Place: Hilary Frey (Duanesburg, NY)

High School 110 Lbs.:
Champion: *Heather Thompson (Schuylerville, NY)
Runner-Up: Kaitlyn Sanders (Annville Cleona, PA)
Third Place: Brandy Price (Columbus, NJ)
Fourth Place: Maggie Hough (Lancaster, PA)

High School 122 Lbs.:
Champion: **Nicole Darrow (Lanesboro, MA)
Runner-Up: Rachael Groft (Abbottstown, PA)
Third Place: Kaylyn Oshaben (Summerhill, PA)
Fourth Place: Amber Eck (Jersey Shore, PA)

High School 130 Lbs.:
Champion: Jess Lamina (Doylestown, PA)
Runner-Up: Maya Bass (Philadelphia, PA)
Third Place: Lauren Nadkarni (Media, PA)
Fourth Place: Cassandra Houston (Lancaster, PA)

High School 154 Lbs.:
Champion: Shala Sims (Upper Darby, PA)

High School Hwt.:
Champion: Juanita Russell (Galway, NY)
Runner-Up: Jessenia Collado (Lancaster, PA)
Third Place: Shala Sims (Upper Darby, PA)

*Most Falls/Least Time: Heather Thompson, 3 Falls in 4:08

**Outstanding Wrestler: Nicole Darrow. Nicole is ranked third nationally at 114 lbs. by the USGWA. She won the 122 lbs. weight class, defeating the #1 ranked wrestler at her weight class (who was also a 3X defending Middle Atlantic Champion) in the finals. In addition, the 122 lbs. weight class had a 2X returning Middle Atlantic Champion.

Match Results:

Elementary 55 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Brianne Penrose def. Lily Read (Fall 0:40)
Brianne Penrose def. Cassidy Ferrell (Fall 2:24)
Lily Read def. Cassidy Ferrell (9-6)

Elementary 74 Lbs. (Best 2 of 3):
Hannah Lee Panfile def. Jackie Stearns (2-0)
Jackie Stearns def. Hannah Lee Panfile (4-1)
Jackie Stearns def. Hannah Lee Panfile (10-1)

Elementary 84 Lbs. (Best 2 of 3):
Taylor Robinson def. Halsey Huff (Fall 1:39)
Taylor Robinson def. Halsey Huff (Fall 2:00)

Middle School 80 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Sarah Anderson def. Amy Whitbeck (8-3)
Sarah Anderson def. Brittany Batz (13-0)
Amy Whitbeck def. Brittany Batz (13-2)

Middle School 90 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Stephanie Hewitt def. Amandalis Santiago (Fall 4:00)
Grace Flood def. Christina Giusti (9-0)
Stephanie Hewitt def. Christina Giusti (Fall 2:12)
Grace Flood def. Amandalis Santiago (Fall 0:48)
Christina Giusti def. Amandalis Santiago (6-0)
Grace Flood def. Stephanie Hewitt (Fall 1:16)

Middle School 100 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Andrea Adorno def. Courtney Cole (Fall 1:00)
Noel Wheeler def. Rachel Donley (Fall 2:10)
Andrea Adorno def. Noel Wheeler (9-1)
Courtney Cole def. Rachel Donley (Fall 2:00)
Andrea Adorno def. Rachel Donley (Fall 1:10)
Noel Wheeler def. Courtney Cole (Fall 1:00)

Middle School 130 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Isabel Friedman def. Sasha Rescorl (Fall 2:30)
Ashley Buffington def. Shaneekwa Harrington (Fall 1:17)
Ashley Buffington def. Isabel Friedman (11-1)
Shaneekwa Harrington def. Sasha Rescorl (Fall 1:41)
Isabel Friedman def. Shaneekwa Harrington (15-2)
Ashley Buffington def. Sasha Rescorl (Fall 4:29)

Middle School 140 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Nicole Loehr def. Adara Cohen (Fall 4:10)
Jackie Nettles def. Ashleah Tylwalk (Fall 2:39)
Nicole Loehr def. Ashleah Tylwalk (Fall 2:17)
Jackie Nettles def. Adara Cohen (Fall 1:59)
Jackie Nettles def. Nicole Loehr (Fall 2:00)
Adara Cohen def. Ashleah Tylwalk (Fall 0:28)

High School 100 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Eliza Hecht def. Hilary Frey (Fall 3:20)
Diana Acors def. Eliza Hecht (Fall 5:33)
Diana Acors def. Hilary Frey (12-1)

High School 110 Lbs. (Round Robin):
Kaitlyn Sanders def. Brandy Price (9-3)
Heather Thompson def. Maggie Hough (Fall 0:40)
Kaitlyn Sanders def. Maggie Hough (Fall 1:03)
Heather Thompson def. Brandy Price (Fall 2:38)
Heather Thompson def. Kaitlyn Sanders (Fall 0:49)
Brandy Price def. Maggie Hough (Fall 0:39)

High School 122 Lbs.:
Amber Eck def. Kaylyn Oshaben (Fall 0:55)
Rachael Groft def. Amber Eck (Fall 1:45)
Nicole Darrow def. Carley Lebowitz, Highland Park, NJ (Fall 3:32)
Consolation Semi-Finals:
Kaylyn Oshaben def. Carley Lebowitz (Fall 2:20)
Consolation Finals:
Kaylyn Oshaben def. Amber Eck (Fall 2:48)
Nicole Darrow def. Rachael Groft (Inj. Def. 1:50)

High School 130 Lbs.:
Maya Bass def. Jeena Sheppard, Mt. Holly, NJ (Fall 1:00)
Cassandra Houston def. Laura Doherty, Lancaster, PA (Fall 3:00)
Jess Lamina def. Kylie Hardin, Broomall, PA (Fall 5:00
1st Round Consolation:
Kylie Hardin def. Laura Doherty (Fall 1:23)
Maya Bass def. Lauren Nadkarni (Fall 3:50)
Jess Lamina def. Cassandra Houston (Fall 2:30)
Consolation Semi-Finals:
Cassandra Houston def. Jeena Sheppard (5-4)
Lauren Nadkarni def. Kylie Hardin (10-2)
Consolation Finals:
Lauren Nadkarni def. Cassandra Houston (Fall 1:00)
Jess Lamina def. Maya Bass (Fall 5:34)

High School 154 Lbs.:
Shala Sims unopposed

High School Hwt.:
Exhibition: Juanita Russell def. Shala Sims (Fall 0:49)
Exhibition: Jessenia Collado def. Shala Sims (Inj. Def. 3:38)
Juanita Russell def. Jessenia Collado (Fall 1:52)

6th Annual PA Girls H.S. Wrestling Championships Results:

110 Lbs:
Match 1: Kaitlyn Sanders def. Maggie Hough (Fall in 1:07)
Match 2: Kaitlyn Sanders def. Maggie Hough (Fall in 1:39)

125 Lbs:
Quarter-Finals: Tumica Talton def. Laura Doherty (Fall in :55)

Semi-Finals: Rachael Groft def. Maya Bass (TF 19-2)
Jess Lamina def. Tumica Talton (Fall in 3:48)

Consolations: Maya Bass def. Laura Doherty (Fall in :52)

Consolation Finals: Maya Bass def. Tumica Talton (Fall in 1:05)

Championship Finals: Rachael Groft def. Jess Lamina (10-4)

155 Lbs:
Match 1: Shala Simms def. Tamara Rosario (Fall in :51)
Match 2: Shala Simms def. Tamara Rosario (Fall in :11)